About Misty Rice Photography


Misty has been in the entertainment business for nearly fifteen years, with expericence in both modeling and acting, ebabling her to appreciate a beautiful image when she sees one. Misty has always enjoyed taking photographs of just about anything in its natural form, but it wasn't until she became a mother of her two beautiful children Hunter Dylan and Morgan Paige, that she realized she had an eye and natural talent not only in front of the camera, but behind as well.

For Misty, being a mom was priority and with her family living so far apart she wanted to capture her children in photographs to post on her personal blog, for all family and friends living so far away to have a place to feel a part of her children's growing days. After one too many bad experiences trying to take the kids or the family to some in store shoot for pictures. Misty started to explore her own talent in photography, wanting to ensure that she got the best pictures possible of her own children, as well as provide others the beautiful images they deserved to have of their loved ones. Misty believes that you need to get the best you can today, because you can never have tomorrow back.

Quickly realizing her work was admired by many, Misty's passion for photography started to grow and continues to grow with each snap of the shutter. She loves to shoot in natural light, using nature's natural elegance to capture its beauty. Because Misty appreciates how special families are, she enjoys capturing the essence of family life through photography.

Misty, although still very new to photography, is also stepping out and exploring with and specializing in birth photography. The idea of witnessing life entering into the world and being able to capture it for all to see, to Misty, seems to give her as much of a rush as skydiving.

Misty photographs just about anything and everything, including births, newborns, children, teens, adults, seniors, couples, families, weddings, birthdays and sports. If you would like to work with Misty please contact her directly for available dates.

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Kevin Walker said...

great website Misty, couple things though... you need to get ride of the blogger search bar at the top and install a customized one and also install your own favicon both are easy to do.

love the pics cheers Kevin.